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Structured Hour Building

Welcome to the structured hour building web app/ checklist user guide. One of the significant gaps I found during CPL hour building, particularly as a self-funded modular ATPL pilot, was that there was little guidance by way of what to do during hour building to help you be as prepared as possible for the CPL course.

How Does the Hour Building App work?

Each of the buttons represents each of the significant aspects of hour building towards your CPL course. What I have tried to do is work backwards from the CPL skills test or CPL course and determine essential items to encourage you to work on during your hour building.

For example, one of the critical areas to focus on during CPL hour building that is a step up from PPL is the formality of your flying concerning documentation.

I created an ‘Every flight’ button with items you should do before each flight during hour building, e.g. check the Certification of Registration in the aircraft documents etc.

How shall I use the CPL Hour Building app?

First and foremost, make sure you remain safe and legal at all times. Within the structured hour building app, I have included the key hour milestones for each phase of your hour building.

Based on the EASA CPL requirements for modular students, I have assumed an hour building requirement of 100hours broken up into 25-hour increments. During each of your 25-hour increments, there are certain items to focus on whilst undertaking structured hour building – e.g. periodically reviewing stalling with an instructor. 

When shall I commence CPL hour building?

An ideal time that worked well for me to complete my hour building was once I had completed my PPL and was working towards my EASA ATPL exams. Do what works best for you in your situation.

This web app is not to replace official flight training materials. Remain safe and legal at all times.


How is your hour building going and what was your experience like using the structured CPL hour building app? Please leave a comment in the section below – I would love to hear from you!

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