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Hour building towards your EASA CPL or frozen ATPL? This web app aims to improve and provide some structure on things to work on during your hour building towards CPL. I did my hour building whilst completing my ATPL Exams, and one of the problems I found was, after getting your PPL there is very little guidance on how to hour build. The goal of this app is to make your hour building more focused, to make your CPL course easier hopefully..

The Preflight section provides guidance on the key flight documents and items to have in mind.

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The 100hr pilot in command requirement is then split into 25-hour blocks to provide encouragement to maintain the skills that you learnt at PPL at but may not normally think to practice. Although hour building is expensive enough, flying with an instructor periodically during your hour building will allow bad habits to be trapped early and feedback provided at regular intervals.

The web app suggests packages to consider and revisit with an instructor.

This web app does not replace official training material. The responsibility of conducting safe and legal flights remain that of the pilot.

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How are you getting on with your hour building? Please leave me any questions or thoughts you have in the comments section below.

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