My Skillshare classes

To support my flight training blog, I also created some Skillshare classes to give study tips, vlogging and also flight training help. Check out my online classes with Skillshare. Skillshare currently have a generous offer of 2 months FREE access to all their classes on their platform with any of the below links.

How to become a pilot

In this class, I walk through step by step, the process you would need to complete, in order to get a frozen ATPL via the modular route!

How to become a pilot
Click here for the How to become a pilot class!

How to Study effectively

One of the big gaps I found particularly during my pilot exams, was that nobody teaches you how to ACTUALLY study. In this lesson I share how to study including:

  • Motivation
  • Managing distractions
  • Study plan
  • Understanding the material
  • Memory techniques
How to study effectively
Click here for how to study effectively class

HOW to VLOG with an IPHONE & EDIT in LumaFusion!

In this class, I share how to vlog on a budget using just your smartphone and edit in LumaFusion. I share from my experience of how to start a YouTube channel on a budget. I was keen to try and use what I already had available (everyone has smartphone) and avoid spending a fortune on video gear that I would probably not know how to use!

How to vlog with an iphone and edit in Lumafusion
Click here for How to vlog with an iPhone class