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I was in exactly the same position as you so I created the Pilot Training Guide, to share what I learnt going from zero to fATPL in 12 months whilst juggling a full-time job and landing my dream job 4 weeks after completing flight training to fly the 737!

See the Pilot Training Guide on Amazon

  • Flight training is VERY expensive so how do you save money and pay for pilot training? 
  • Which flying school is best to give the best chance of getting a job? 
  • I found ATPL theory was very hard. How do you pass ATPL exams?

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Not sure what to do for modular hour building? Check out the Structured Hour Building Web App to help you prepare for CPL


Modular Pilot Training Steps

In this blog, I share how to get through each of the modular pilot training steps:

  1. Trial flight
  2. EASA Class 1 Medical
  3. Getting your PPL
  4. Hour Building & Night Rating
  5. ATPL Theory
  6. Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  7. Commercial Pilot Licence
  8. Multi Crew Course & UPRT!
  9. Pilot Interview

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About pilot blog

I share pilot training tips in this modular pilot blog!

How to become a pilot in Europe. No need to struggle through modular pilot training & flight school with slow progress, poor instructor availability, being overcharged etc.- find out how to avoid these issues in the best selling modular flight training guide.


Written by a B737 pilot, self-funded modular zero to ATPL in 12 months whilst juggling a full-time job. No BS, just straight facts about how to get through flight training in the shortest space of time and at the lowest cost. And certainly not by remortgaging your parent’s house!