8 Best Places For Free ATPL Questions And Answers

ATPL questions and exams were probably the hardest studies I ever did in my life! All the hours on the questions bank going through ATPL questions and answers, missing out on social life! If progressing your CPL/MEIR etc. and you want to avoid the common mistakes (overpaying, poor flight school selection leading to problems passing CPL & MEIR etc.), check out my best-selling Pilot Training Guide on Amazon.

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Money was tight, and I didn’t want to fork out for yet another question bank. I remember my first module with CATS Aviation- having completed their question bank and the BGS question bank a few times. I wanted to look at the other question banks to see if there were any gaps with what I had done but wanted to keep the cost down.

Into Google I went looking for “free atpl questions and answers”! In this blog post, I wanted to share some of the options available for free if you wanted to augment your study by looking at other atpl exam questions for a limited time.

My position is that the question banks are worth every penny and without them, there is no way I would survive ATPL exams – so please support them whenever and in any way you can!

8) ATPLex.eu: free ATPL questions and answers

I had not heard of ATPLex.eu before writing this post but on checking them out I was pleasantly surprised by the number of free questions available and the quality of the explanations to accompany each question.

See ATPLex.eu here!

7) ATPLOnline: free ATPL questions

ATPLOnline has the option to try 14 questions for free. Compared to the ATPLGS, AviationExam and BGS etc, as a taster, this is great but not as comprehensive as the other question banks.

Check out my review of ATPLOnline here.


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6) ATPL OnTrack – Free Questions

ATPL OnTrack offers 10 free ATPL questions and answers in each of the ATPL Theory subjects. They currently have a sale for the 2020 Syllabus @ £12 for 30 days.

Check out ATPL OnTrack question bank here!

5) Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training: free ATPL questions and answers at rtfq.org

I was not aware of rtfq.org – They do have atpl practice questions and answers. They offer questions by region and have both Aeroplane and Helicopter syllabuses. rtfq.org offer 20 practice questions for each subject.

How to pass your ATPL exams

How to pass your ATPL exams

Check out rtfq.org here!

4) ATPL Questions: Free ATPL Questions And Answers

ATPL questions allow you to complete 20 questions from each subject for free. This is fine, and I appreciate the free trial is not designed to allow you to revise from – but rather ‘test out’ the interface, question style etc.!

Visit ATPL Questions here.

3) Aviationexam free test

Aviation exam allows a free trial, but the questions are limited to just 5% of the question bank. What I liked about Aviation exam is the ease of which to use the question bank for the different syllabuses i.e. EASA 2016 or EASA ECQB 2020.

Check out the Aviationexam free test here.

2) Free ATPL questions and answers: ATPL GS question bank

When you sign up for ATPLGS free trial, you get access to around 5% of the question bank. ATPLGS do have discount offers from time to time, so check out the free trial first before you sign up. You may get a discount pop up when trialling the question bank. The free trial is available for 7 days!

Check out my review of atplGS question bank here. As I mentioned in my atplGS question bank review, one of the best features I love about them is the ATPL Questions last 200 feature. Total lifesaver! You will need a paid subscription though to access this feature.

1) Bristol Ground School Question Bank Free trial: The best one!

BGS must be one of the best ATPL question bank free trials as you get access to the complete question bank for three days! BGS question bank saved me during my ATPL exams . With free access to the whole question bank for three days, you can get a lot done if you already have a primary question bank you use and just wanted to augment and make sure there were no gaps.

Check out my review of Bristol question bank here.

The spirit of this blog post is not to ‘cheat’ the question banks out of revenue, but to share options available if you needed access for a day or two to top up what you have already done elsewhere! Please support the question banks wherever you can as without them – there is no way we would pass ATPL exams!

Which ATPL exams are the hardest?

Principles of flight and operational procedures. Principles of flight is hard because the ATPL questions and answers can often be very subtle in phraseology and easy to get wrong. Also, the theory can sometimes be confusing and take a while to get your head around. Operations procedures can be hard because of the sheer amount of information you need to know and commit to memory.

How can I pass my ATPL exam?

Simply put, hard work, consistency and determination. ATPL exams are difficult and there will be many moments that you feel like giving up!

  • Don’t lose sight of the reason why you are doing ATPL exams
  • Work hard, but also have regular breaks. I did not study during the weekends and instead progressed my hour building.
  • Study effectively, buy learning the material but also making use of question banks
  • Be consistent with your study i.e. x number of hours each day. Remember it is more effective to work for a few hours every day than to try and do everything at the last minute with 18 hours days!
  • If completing your ATPL exams via distance learning, try and arrive at the brush-up classes with all the problems that you need help with. Don’t sit back and expect to be ‘taught’ during the brush-up – there is simply not enough time
  • Don’t waste exam sittings

Check out my post on how to pass your ATPL exams.

How many questions are on the EASA ATPL?

682 questions over 14 exams. When you combine all the exams, there is 18 hours and 15 minutes to complete all 14 ATPL exams.

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If I have missed anything or you have any questions, please leave a comment in the section below – I would love to hear from you!

Good luck with your studies!

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  1. You might want to take a look at atplontrack.com too. 10 free questions per subject and only ?12 for 30 days

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